NCAA Field Projection – March 8, 2019, 7:00pm

Balancing grading, coaching, and being sick has pushed bracketology to the back burner for the past week.  As I find a healthy balance and recover, I will be more consistent in my NCAA field projection.  Due to my absence, enjoy a Friday evening bracketology update!  I will do my best to update frequently as we have already begun Championship Week!

My bracket will be part of the The Bracket Project’s website along with many other brackets that college basketball fans are part of.  Link to The Bracket Project

NCAA Field Projection – March 8, 2019, 7:00pm

The 1s: Virginia, Duke, Gonzaga, Kentucky

The 2s: Tennessee, North Carolina, Michigan, Michigan State

The 3s: LSU, Texas Tech, Houston, Purdue

The 4s: Kansas, Florida State, Kansas State, Wisconsin

The 5s: Marquette, Virginia Tech, Maryland, Mississippi State

The 6s: Villanova, Buffalo, Cincinatti, Nevada

The 7s: Iowa State, Auburn, Louisville, Wofford

The 8s: Iowa, Washington, Central Florida, Baylor

The 9s: Oklahoma, Syracuse, VCU, Mississippi

The 10s: Texas, Minnesota, Utah State, St. John’s

The 11s: Ohio State, Florida, North Carolina State, Seton Hall

The 12s: TCU, Alabama, Arizona State, Temple, Lipscomb, Belmont

The 13s: New Mexico State, Hofstra, Old Dominion, Vermont

The 14s: Yale, UC Irvine, South Dakota State, Texas State

The 15s: Northern Kentucky, Radford, Loyola-Chicago, Montana

The 16s: Colgate, Sam Houston State, Norfolk State, Prairie View A&M, Iona, Saint Francis (PA)

Considering: Clemson, Indiana, Creighton, Murray State

One thought on “NCAA Field Projection – March 8, 2019, 7:00pm

  1. Dear “son”….

    Hope you are feeling better! Drove by your house today and saw your car (I think) in the driveway? Was picking up Brandon Ratcliffe from school (he is now at #55..). I was a few minutes early and was just driving around…anyway..thanks for the update on NCAA projections… will read over the weekend!

    Hope our Dawgs WIN tomorrow and can have a great showing next week in NYC!!

    Love to you,

    Your 2nd mom🙏😍🏀🏀

    Sent from my iPad



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