Preseason Ranking

After the college basketball season wraps up each year, I enjoy looking back at the preseason rankings and comparing them to how teams finished.  It can be humorous to see how hilariously wrong we were about some teams being ranked too high and others far too low.

Preseason rankings seem to be a necessary tool to use in order to set a baseline (pun intended) for the beginning of the season and for reflection at the end of the season.  USA Today released their preseason Top-25 within the last few weeks.  I like to see how my own Top 25 compares to those that are published to a much broader audience.  Below, you will see two lists: the left being the AP Coaches Poll and then mine on the right.  I always like to include two more teams in mine, which, through simple math, adds up to 27 teams.  Remember, it’s all in good fun (at least for me).

AP Coaches Poll Top 25                                                          My Top 25(+2)

  1. (tie) North Carolina                                                         1. Duke

1. (tie) Kentucky                                                                  2. Kentucky

3. Maryland                                                                         3. North Carolina

4. Duke                                                                                 4. Maryland

5. Kansas                                                                             5. Kansas

6. Virginia                                                                            6. Villanova

7. Iowa State                                                                        7. Virginia

8. Oklahoma                                                                        8. Arizona

9. Villanova                                                                         9. Oklahoma

10. Arizona                                                                         10. Iowa State

11. Gonzaga                                                                         11. Wichita State

12. Wichita State                                                                12. Utah

13. Michigan State                                                             13. Gonzaga

14. California                                                                     14. Michigan State

15. Indiana                                                                         15. Wisconsin

16. Utah                                                                              16. Notre Dame

17. Wisconsin                                                                     17. Baylor

18. Notre Dame                                                                  18. Indiana

19. LSU                                                                                19. LSU

20. Vanderbilt                                                                    20. Cincinnati

21. Baylor                                                                            21. California

22. Butler                                                                            22. Butler

23. West Virginia                                                               23. Purdue

24. (tie) Connecticut                                                          24. Vanderbilt

24. (tie) Purdue                                                                  25. Connecticut

                                                                                          26. Georgetown

                                                                                          27. Miami (FL)

A note on why ties occur in the Coaches Poll:  The USA Today Coaches Poll is made up of 32 Division-I men’s college basketball coaches.  Points are assigned based on the order the teams are ranked.  When teams receive the same number of points, they are assigned a tie.

Games don’t actually end in a tie.  Connecticut and Syracuse tried their best though by going to 6 Overtimes during the 2009 Big East Tournament.

What are your thoughts on the polls above?  Are there any glaring issues?  Should there be other teams included? Leave a comment below!